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January 16 2018

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Vertigo by Kasia Derwińska
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January 15 2018

Całe dorosłe życie atakowałam siebie. Aż wreszcie dotarło do mnie, że to jest bardzo smutne. Że bardzo smutne jest takie życie, kiedy się ciągle do siebie samej strzela.
— Ania Dąbrowska
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Poświatowska Halina
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January 14 2018

Leczysz mnie. Każdego dnia. Każdą wiadomością. Obecnością w moim życiu. Tak długo Cię nie było.
— nezavisan
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Pomyśl: będziemy mieć własny dom. Będzie ci źle, będą cię zdradzać i wyszydzać ludzie; wtedy wrócisz do naszego domu i powiesz tylko: "To jest nasz dom". Świat wyda ci się inny, jeśli spojrzysz nań przez okno naszego domu.
— Marek Hłasko
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truth about love.
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Place me like a seal over your heart, like a seal on your arm; for love is as strong as death, its jealousy unyielding as the grave. It burns like blazing fire, like a mighty flame. 
— Willow Aster - Whore
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- I love you -  he whispers again. - How can you love someone who will never be whole? -  I choke out. He takes a breath and then it all comes rushing out.  - All of us are just fragments trying to grasp onto the next broken piece, trying to be a little more complete. -  His hands hold my face and I try to hold onto his gaze, even though I want to hide. -  I love all the pieces of you I see and the ones I know you’re holding back. -  His lips brush against mine, he’s so close. - Let me in, Lili. Together, the sum of our broken parts makes something pretty damn powerful. 
— Willow Aster - Whore
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I let his words sweep through my mind and coat the dry places. I function for him. I breathe for him, because he saw something in me worth fighting for and the tiniest part of me hopes he was right. 
— Willow Aster - Whore
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Why is a bond formed instantly with some people? I don’t know how with some you just instantly know
— Willow Aster - Whore
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