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August 09 2017

August 05 2017

Remember the first feelings, how sharp and magical they used to be, the way you felt during your first love kiss, how scared you felt driving a car for the first time. The first day of school, when you fastened your seatbelt the day you got on a plane for the first time. Feelings that got pale and dull by routine. Don’t forget.
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July 30 2017

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July 19 2017

- No tak, ludziom się wydaje, że nie chciało mi się żyć, a mnie się chciało i chce. Bardzo. Tylko powiedz: jak?
— Halina Poświatowska (O swojej próbe samobójczej)
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Couple Celebrates Geometric Architecture Around the World With Eccentric Photographs

Anna Devis and Daniel Rueda, a couple based in Valencia, Spain plays around with architectural pieces sprawled all across the globe, their photographic series documenting the tales of their travels.
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June 21 2017

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Finckenstein Palace in Kamieniec, Poland, burned by the Red Army as they advanced on Germany in 1945.

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